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Self Reflecting Lamp Looks Like Luxo With A Conjoined Twin

Self Reflecting Lamp (Image courtesy Oliver Shick) By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll be frank, this Self Reflecting Lamp, created by Oliver Shick, is a complete act of futility. It looks like a couple of Luxo lamps that were born as conjoined twins locked in an eternal struggle to free themselves.

But oddly enough, it looks like the lamp actually works, though it obviously doesn’t produce much usable light and it makes me wonder how exactly you’re supposed to change the bulbs. On top of that, I assume the black shades that are joined together must get incredibly hot without a reliable way to dissipate the heat from those bulbs. But I guess it’s a conversation piece right?… Right?…

[ DesignSpotter – Self Reflecting Lamp ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

  • cellphone3

    special design , I like this style ! I think it will be better than usual ones !