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IOGEAR Wireless USB To VGA Adapter (Also, My 3,000th Post!)

IOGEAR Wireless USB To VGA Adapter (Also, My 3,000th Post!)

IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit (Image courtesy IOGEAR)
By Andrew Liszewski

Up until recently my computer has been in close proximity to my TV, but now that they’ve parted ways, I’ve lost the ability to easily connect them up without having a VGA cable running between rooms. But that’s exactly the problem the Wireless USB to VGA adapter from IOGEAR solves. The USB adapter pictured on the right connects to your PC or laptop, while the VGA adapter on the left connects to your external display, getting rid of those unsightly cables in-between.

Now the range is limited to about 30 feet but you can push a half-decent resolution of either 1600×1200 (UXGA) or 1680×1050 (WSXGA+). The IOGEAR site also claims you can stream videos up to 720P in resolution, though the range is then limited to about 15 feet, and you’ll need a system with at least a 2GHz CPU. But even with those limitations it seems like a nice alternative to trying to hide cables under a rug, and you can order one directly from the IOGEAR website for $229.95.

And on a side note, even though I find it hard to believe, this is officially my 3,000th post here on OhGizmo! Thanks to everyone who checks out the site every day, I hope I’ve educated or entertained at least some of you. And thanks to David for hiring me all those years ago, and to my fellow writers here at OG! and to all the gadget bloggers who help make this job as entertaining as it is.

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