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23-Foot Fire-Breathing Baby Robot Will Enslave Mankind

23-Foot Fire-Breathing Baby Robot Will Enslave Mankind


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m of two minds when I ponder exactly what will bring about the destruction of mankind. The way I see it, it’s going to either be zombies or robots that take us down. It’s just a matter of which one gets there first.  Today it would seem that the robot camp has taken a leap forward in the race to destroy mankind. After all, even zombies would would shake with fear (provided that they can actually fear something) at the sight of a 23-foot tall fire-breathing aluminum baby robot.

Apparently artist Kenji Yanobe thought it would be great fun to add this to an art project which turned an entire neighborhood into an alien robot-themed wonderland for a weekend. Oh great, you’re giving them an entire neighborhood. Sure, that sounds safe.

VIA [ TokyoMango ]