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Humble Telescope Reminds Us How Insignificant We Really Are

Humble Telescope Reminds Us How Insignificant We Really Are

Humble Telescope (Image courtesy ENESS)
By Andrew Liszewski

Gazing at the heavens through most telescopes really only gives you a 2D image of what’s out there. And while you might get a good idea of just how many stars and other celestial objects are in the night sky, that 2D image just doesn’t convey the actual size and vastness of the universe in which we live. But the Humble Telescope, created by design studio ENESS, provides a different star gazing experience. While it might look and feel like a traditional telescope, inside the Humble there’s actually an interactive 3D simulation of the entire known universe that you can explore by simply pointing the telescope in any direction.

Not only does it provide a way to explore the stars no matter what time of day it is, but it also helps to remind us how amazing the universe really is.

[ ENESS – Humble Telescope ] VIA [ Architectradure ]

  • rahul23

    very nice blog and all post is very conceptual and cool i love this blog

  • sam

    i think its pluged into a piece of fairy cake

  • Blairf Felgenheimer

    If you point the scope down does it show you China?

  • Julieta2441

    I wish you could tell us the price.It is such an amazing thing the interactive 3 D simulation!Thanks!

  • Who

    Total Perspective Vortex?

  • useddiggerderrick

    Awesome telescope!!! That sound so cool. Check out my site sometime