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Hotelicopter is Perfect for Joining the Less than a Mile High Club

Hotelicopter is Perfect for Joining the Less than a Mile High Club


by Shane McGlaun

I have stayed in my share of storage hotels over the years. There was one we stayed in during a family vacation when I was young that had more roaches than a Grateful Dead concert. I have also stayed in my share of swanky places that cost more than I care to think about. We have seen our share of long haul airliners outfitted with beds and other features for those long flights from the US to Europe.

A new aircraft called the Hotelicopter has been announced that will offer 18 passengers a travel experience similar to a cruise liner in the air. The Hotelicopter is a massive Mil V-12 prototype helicopter that was built in 1968 in Russia. The aircraft has been updated and augmented with an additional floor and enhancements for efficiency.

The rooms inside the massive copter are as luxurious as a 5-star hotel with queen size beds, a mini bar, Wi-Fi and more. The aircraft itself is 137 feet long, 91 feet high and has a maximum takeoff weight of 232,870 pounds. The max speed is 158 mph and the cruise speed is 147 mph. Updates to the aircraft include aerodynamic enhancements and four GEnx turbofans producing 75,000 pounds of thrust each. The copter will be used for flying tours and will have is maiden voyage this summer. Tickets will sell for an undisclosed amount.

[ Hotelicopter ]

  • Blairf Felgenheimer

    Sorry about that .. they were all my roaches. One man gathers what another man spills.

  • moo

    I call hoax. Every one of those photos was rendered as well as the video.

  • moo

    Sorry. To be clear, the photos of the outside of the 'copter are rendered. The interior could be genuine but still somewhat faked. Who wants windows from the hall into their room?

  • Jed

    That's a beautiful hoax. This phenomenon will go harder and harder with the incredible development of 3D softwares.

  • bob rossy

    wow, looks awesome! I'm dying to know how much it costs…


    Looks like something out of Thunderbirds

  • Greg
  • Realist

    I call fake: The airframe on which this is based, the Mi-12 broke the record of helicopter carrying weight at 44205 kg. According to this article, this monster would have a takeoff weight at 105628 kg. That would be significantly heavier than anything carried by a helicopter before.

    Couple this with the fact that the pictures look more like 3D renders than photos, and that no one in the industry has ever heard of this thing before (even after their supposed first flight) makes be think this is just an elaborate hoax.

  • Sn0zz

    April's fool anyone?

  • mcman

    Scamorama Hoaxinburger

  • d
  • mcman

    Scamorama Hoaxinburger

  • d