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Western Digital Goes 2TB with one HDD on My Book Drives

Western Digital Goes 2TB with one HDD on My Book Drives


by Shane McGlaun

Anyone who has been around computers long enough will remember when machines had hard drives measured in mere megabytes and sales people said you would never fill that much space up. Slowly we moved into gigabytes and today we are working with terabyte capacity hard drives.

Typically, it takes a pair of hard drives to hit 2TB, but Western Digital has announced new MyBook external storage drives that have 2TB of storage in a single drive device. The 2TB drives are available in the entire My Book line including the Studio Edition, Mac Edition, Home Edition, and Essential Edition.

The Mac and Studio editions are preformatted for Mac OS and include quad interfaces. Other versions of the My Book line are formatted for Windows and offer eSATA, FireWire, and USB on some models. All of the drives have power saving features that turn the drive off after ten minutes with no use. The drives are available now at pricing ranging from $329.99 to $379.99.

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