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New Taser X12 Shotgun Looks Menacing, Fires “Painless” Rounds

New Taser X12 Shotgun Looks Menacing, Fires “Painless” Rounds


By Chris Scott Barr

Don’t tase me bro. I know that almost everyone has heard that phrase. Well unfortunately (for those on the business end of a Taser) it’ll be even easier in the future for law enforcement officials to take you down, because they’ll be standing a comfortable 88 feet away. The new X12 Taser LLS (Less Lethal Shotgun) has just been launched, and it’s not something I’d want pointed at me.

After a bit of digging it looks like this gun and the XREP rounds used with it were announced early last year, though it has only just now finally been launched. This thing looks brutal, as it is essentially a 12-gauge shotgun that fires a wicked projectile up to roughly 88 feet. One good note for those that find themselves on the wrong end of the law is that the wireless rounds will cause paralysis without pain by using electrical impulses. Painless or not, one look at this thing should be enough to make anyone think twice about what they’re doing.

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