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Bandai’s Beer Can Simulator

Bandai’s Beer Can Simulator

Mugen Kan Beeru (Images courtesy CrunchGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hot on the heels of their Peri Peri FedEx envelope simulator and their Puti Puti bubble wrap toy comes Bandai’s next great innovation, the Mugen Kan Beeru or ‘Endless Can Beer.’ It provides all the thrills of opening a canned beverage, without the satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of consuming what’s inside. It comes in a handy keychain form factor so it’s easy to carry around with you, and every 30 times you ‘open’ it you apparently get a special sound effect as a reward.

Expect it to go on sale in Japan sometime in June for about $9.

[ Bandai’s Mugen Kan Beeru ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]


2 responses to “Bandai’s Beer Can Simulator”

  1. That's just silly, and I live here in Japan!

  2. That's just silly, and I live here in Japan!