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Wacom Intuos4 Tablets Officially Outed

Wacom Intuos4 Tablets Officially Outed

Wacom Intuos4 Tablet (Image courtesy Wacom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wacom’s new Intuos4 tablets have officially shown up on the company’s website, coming as a surprise to no one since the units have already been spotted on store shelves. The Intuos4 will be available in 4 different sizes ranging from the Small model (6.2 x 3.9 inches for $229) to the Extra Large model (19.2 x 12 inches for $789) and all feature 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. In other words, these are all still high-end Wacom tablets.

Other notable updates to the Intuos line include a set of customizable ExpressKeys with accompanying OLED displays showing their current function, a Speed Ring touch-sensitive scroll wheel that can be used for zooming, scrolling and changing brush sizes and a clever ambidextrous design that can be customized for left or right-handed users by simply rotating the tablet 180 degrees.

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