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Beer Soap Is Perfect For Dirty Mouths

Beer Soap Is Perfect For Dirty Mouths


By Chris Scott Barr

Do you love beer? I mean do you REALLY love it? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then you might want to consider switching your soaps. No, I haven’t dug up any study that shows the negative effects of booze on your epidermis. What I have found is soap that’s made from beer.

Sure, some of you out there might be saying “but soap isn’t a gadget, why are you telling me about this?” The simple truth is that according to a recent survey of visitors* more than half of you are liquored-up while reading the site, so I found this to be very appropriate. Each bar of soap is made with one of many different beers including Sam Adams, Foster’s and Guinness. Don’t worry, it’s got lots of other ingredients to make sure you’re left clean, and not just smelling like beer. At a price of $20 for 5 bars, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for the kids, or for your Uncle Larry that just celebrated 20 years of sobriety.

*A complete lie. There was no survey.

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