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Bird Gard Electronic Bird Repeller

Bird Gard Electronic Bird Repeller

Bird Gard Electronic Bird Repeller (Images courtesy Northern Tool + Equipment)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a price tag of $229.99 the Bird Gard certainly isn’t the cheapest way to keep flying pests away from your garden. But if you’re using it to protect a small airport or a hanger it’s probably not a bad investment given what birds are capable of doing to an aircraft. The secret to the Bird Gard is that it uses the actual distress calls of birds to repel 8 different types of feathered foes including Starlings, Robins and Blue Jays. A single Bird Gard is able to protect an area up to 1 1/2 acres in size when set to full volume, but extension speakers ($39.99) with 100 feet of cable are also available to expand that range.

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  • powerball

    I would like to have this fantastic Bird Gard in my garden and it is really very cheap.

  • jbg

    Epic fail. Why on earth should we all want to keep “flying pests” away from our property? If we all installed these, it would cause untold ecological damage and disrupt nesting habits of millions of birds.

  • jw

    You have it wrong, jbg…….we have unwanted sparrows that roost in our garage and boat barn. I don't mind them in all of our trees and bushes and I don't mind feeding them either but I don't like them sh!ting in the garage!!!!!

  • Consumer Electronics

    Not a bad price for a good tool like that. Should help many people.