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Video Monday: World’s Largest Model Train Set

By Evan Ackerman

When I was little, I decided that when I retired, I’d spend all of my Social Security on a badass model train set. Now that it’s looking increasingly likely that I won’t have any Social Security, I’m just going to have to make due with Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. It’s the largest model railway in the world, with 900 square meters of exhibit, 700 trains traveling over 9 kilometers of track, 160000 figures, and 250000 lights. By the time it’s finished in 2014, all of those numbers should double. So far, it’s taken 500000 work hours to complete at a cost of nearly $10 million, but you can get it to see it all for just 10 euros next time you’re in Germany.

[ Miniatur-Wunderland ] VIA [ Fark ]