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This Week On BotJunkie

This Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we kicked things off watching a LEGO NXT bust some spastic dance moves, learned how to use a robot to hit on chicks, read about a Roomba that hides from you when you’re angry, got introduced to the latest version of Toshiba’s round and chubby ApriAttenda robot, wondered how it’s possible to effectively spy on anyone with a robot blimp, contemplated spending a little money on a $1 robot t-shirt, enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day just a little bit more thanks to a performance by Bar2D2, worried less about our mortgage thanks to a transforming robot home on wheels, were impressed by a transforming robot jet toy, watched a PackBot follow a human and respond to gestures, drooled over some juicy tomatoes tended by robot gardeners, laughed at an Army Future Combat System promotional video that probably isn’t supposed to be funny, wondered whether pollution sensing robot fish taste any good when filleted, saw some oh-so-cute pictures of a miniature Wall-E, watched a hacked Roomba drive off with a baby, and finished off the week with a Sony patent for a video game robot.

And don’t forget about Friday’s Bot With Stuff (DeLorean edition!), after the jump.


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