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SSDs Get Closer To Affordability

SSDs Get Closer To Affordability


By Evan Ackerman.

Solid State Drives. They’re fast, they’re efficient, they’re durable, they’re sexy, and until recently they’ve been wicked expensive. Unless you’re loaded, you’re still not going to be using them to store all of your illegally downloaded media, but that’s fine, it’s not really what they’re for. Super Talent has come out with a line of UltraDrive SSDs that might just be cheap enough for you to stuff into a netbook, where you don’t really need tons of storage but you do need battery life and shock protection. Or stick in in your desktop and move your OS there to take advantage of the fast read/write speeds.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of an affordable SSD, and the Super Talent UltraDrive series is just about there… A 2.5″ SATAII 32 gig drive costs $128. You can get 64 gigs for about $200, and the drives top out at 256 gigs for nearly $650. The UltraDrive ME series has read/write speeds of up to 200/160 MB/sec, and should be substantially more efficient when it comes to power consumption. They’re available now from NewEgg.

$128 for a 32 gig SSD still too much for you? How ’bout 30 gigs for $83 shipped? You can get an OCZ drive from NewEgg by clicking here, downloading this rebate form, and using coupon code EMCLPMX37.

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