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Chalk Guns Find Middle Ground Between Paintballs And Nerf Darts

Chalk Guns Find Middle Ground Between Paintballs And Nerf Darts


By Chris Scott Barr

A couple of years ago I decided to pick up a paintball gun and go out with some of my friends and shoot them. It’s really a lot of fun, though it does sting a bit when someone manages to hit you. Now I know why my parents bought us Nerf guns, rather than letting us pelt each other with paintballs as kids. Unfortunately there are some glaring differences between shooting a Neft gun and a paintball gun. One of the biggest being that there is no physical evidence that you’ve been hit after the foam dart bounces off of you, which takes some of the fun out of things. These Chalk Guns from WipeOut seem like the perfect middle-ground between the two.

The guns use foam darts which are likely very similar to those found in a Nerf gun, however, the tip of each is covered in chalk. When the dart strikes someone, the chalk leaves a very visible mark that indicates they were hit. The chalk is supposedly very easy to wipe off, which will make parents happy. You can get a pair of guns for around $37, and dart refills for around $9. I just wonder how hard it is to re-chalk the darts.

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