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Sound Advice Project Makes Sounds Into Bracelets – Update: Purchase Link


By Evan Ackerman

See this bracelet? It’s telling you not to do drugs. Well, not you, since you’re mature enough and intelligent enough to make those kinds of decisions for yourself. But the youth of America are a bunch of clueless and impressionable… You know… Youth… and they only really pay attention to social messages they can turn into bling.

The Sound Advice Project wants you to talk to your kids about drugs, and to make it easier on you, they’re offering you a bracelet to bribe them with. The bracelets are custom made, and the arrangement of beads represents a sound wave that you record. The Project wants you to say something positive and about drugs. Er, yeah. But you don’t have to, as far as I can tell, and you can use the six seconds to make up a physical, wearable incarnation of whatever phrase you’d like.

At only $18, it’s not a bad little geeky gift idea.

Update: A bit of research shows you can probably buy this item on this website.

[ Sound Advice Project ] VIA [ BBG ]

  • david bizer

    Nice idea. Unfortunately the company never bought or licensed the copyrights from me.

    have a look at the original version @

  • dr

    Luckily best ideas are copied rather than the bad ones

  • rubber bracelets

    Very nice, very interesting.

  • rubberwristbands

    Great bracelets,but I don't like the packing.

  • rubberwristbands

    Great bracelets,but I don't like the packing.


    atleast the braclet is giving a helpful reminder

  • Paige Venable

    I can’t find your site, or I would be buying one.

  • Jessica Reinsch

    where can you get this type of bracelet, no website links?

  • Anakary Arias Sandoval

    Wont let me go to the website :(

  • Kassie Gerlach

    I want to purchase a few of these very badly. I cant find where to buy one. I even tried your website David Bizer…Please help!

  • david bizer

    the old link is broken, but here you’ll find all information, Cheers, David

  • Sequoiabears

    You can find them on Etsy, they look completely different, but use the same concept.