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Flybar Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Pogo Stick

Flybar Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Pogo Stick


By Chris Scott Barr

I recall having a pogo stick as a child, which was about as fun to use as my unicycle. Try as I might, I could never keep enough balance to stay on either for more than a few seconds. I suppose that if either one of them was actually much fun, I might have kept at it long enough to get good at it. Of course we didn’t have the Flybar when I was a kid.

Your average pogo stick didn’t get very far off the ground, a foot or so at the max. The Flybar is merely an improvement on the original pogo stick, using super-strong elastic bands and an adjustable piston to achieve heights of up to 7 feet. Seriously, just imagine hopping down the road in seven-foot hops. Granted, you’re going to have to shell out $210 and spend a good while mastering the device, but you know it would be worth it.

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