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Scosche Announces Inline Control Adapter Kit For iPod Shuffle

Scosche Announces Inline Control Adapter Kit For iPod Shuffle


By Luke Anderson

By now I’m sure that everyone has seen the new iPod Shuffle. I had mixed feelings when I first saw it, mostly I was confused why Apple would go to such great lengths to make sure that everyone had to use the earbuds that came with their new Shuffle. At the same time I realized that some people might welcome the smaller device, and being able to access the controls inline, rather that having to try and press buttons on a device clipped to their waist whilst jogging. Either way, the Shuffle really isn’t my thing, but for those that are interested, but don’t want to be stuck with Apple’s earbuds, Scosche is on top of things.

I’ve already seen several different sets of earbuds crop up that cater specifically to the new Shuffle, but who wants to drop $50 on a new set of earbuds when they’re perfectly happy with the ones they already have? That’s where the inline control adapter kit comes into play. This handy little device plugs into your Shuffle and allows you to use any ordinary pair of headphones or earbuds. You can even use it to plug into the aux input in your car stereo and still control the iPod. We’re not sure when this will be available, or how much it will run, but we’re hoping for soon and cheap.

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