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Phone Through The Skull Makes Sure Care Bears Are Really Dead


By Evan Ackerman

Ordinarily, having a disembodied Care Bear head would be more than a little freaky. But you can relax. It’s dead, and it’s not coming back, and you can make sure of that jamming your cell phone into its brain cavity every night. They only cost $14, but you might get more emotional fulfillment out of violently making one yourself.

[ Strapya ] VIA [ Gizmodiva ]

  • web development

    So cute bear but it is so sad it is dead! Anyway nice stand for my cellphone.

  • Gadgeta

    This would be great if it would roll its eyes around every time you put the phone in the charger.

  • PDFoxy

    Sooooo cute!!! i like the pink one

  • Orlando

    if you like the pink one, i like the purple one 😉

  • useddiggerderrick

    Who are those cell phone stands for? 5 year olds? I hope children that young dont have a cell phone.