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Stopper Postcard Measures The Time Between Sending And Receiving

Stopper Postcard Measures The Time Between Sending And Receiving

Stopper Postcard (Images courtesy DAG-designlab)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever wondered how long it takes the postal service to deliver something as simple as a postcard, then you’ll appreciate this concept. Created by the DAG-designlab, the Stopper postcard comes with an actual digital timer with an LCD display in the upper corner that will keep track of how long it’s been from when the postcard was sent, to when it arrives at its destination. Really nothing more than a curiosity killer, but clever nonetheless.

Thanks Meg!

[ DAG-designlab ] VIA [ designboom ]


5 responses to “Stopper Postcard Measures The Time Between Sending And Receiving”

  1. Earthworm says:

    Or…you could just write the time and date in your postcard and save yourself the hassle. Plus, how much will the post office love seeing mail with a TIMER ON IT. It will probably take longer to get it processed based on all the security checks that it will go through.

  2. chancegarcia says:

    so what stops the post office from stopping the stopper? =p

  3. JMMerk says:

    *Agrees with Earthworm* Yeah um…great idea…is it a way to make sure it gets there late when the PO goes on lockdown after seeing a timer on it, or to make sure it never gets there at all….when the PO destroys it, because there's a TIMER ON IT…!?!?!

  4. useddiggerderrick says:

    haha that is super cool but probably unneccessary.