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Impossible Lock Is One Part Puzzle, One Part Padlock

Impossible Lock Is One Part Puzzle, One Part Padlock


By Luke Anderson

Have you ever wanted to lock yourself out of a cabinet full of sweets, or perhaps a lockbox full of emergency money? Sure, you can slap any old lock on there, but if you have the key, then what’s to stop you from just opening it up? Well what if your lock took more effort to open than just inserting a key and turning it? That’s exactly the idea behind the Impossible lock.

This brass padlock is a little more complex than your average locking device. Think of it more as a puzzle that just so happens to also be a padlock. With it you get both a key and a small implement with a point on one end. Apparently with these two tools you should be able to open the lock, if you figure out how. The lock does come with a set of instructions, so you’re welcome to solve it, then lock up stuff that you want other people to stay out of. Just leave the key somewhere obvious and laugh when they wonder why it won’t open. Of course for around $200 you could just by a regular lock and hide the key really well.

[ Grand-Illusions ] VIA [ RedFerret ]


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