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The Big Toy Hut Sells Custom Minifigs That LEGO Never Will

The Big Toy Hut Sells Custom Minifigs That LEGO Never Will

Custom LEGO Minifigs (Images courtesy The Big Toy Hut)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking for a way to spice up daily life in your meticulously constructed LEGO town? How about introducing a zombie infestation? Or why not let the Joker and Two-Face from The Dark Knight run amok for a couple of days? That should keep the local fire department, police station and The Watchmen’s Rorschach busy for a while right?

Over at The Big Toy Hut they’ve got a pretty large collection of LEGO minifigs you can buy to populate your town, but it’s the hand-customized figures that really stand out. The attention to detail is perfect, and the custom figures could easily pass as real LEGO minifigs which is important since I’m pretty sure you’re never going to find an official Watchmen LEGO collection at your local Toys”R”Us.

And like anything that’s custom and awesome these figures aren’t cheap at $11.99 a piece, but they’re well worth it if you’re a serious LEGO collector.

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