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Inlet Outlet Feeds Electricity Back To Your House

Inlet Outlet Feeds Electricity Back To Your House


By Evan Ackerman

Hey. You. You know what? You’re wasting electricity right now. And you could be harvesting all of that energy and pumping it back into your house. The Inlet Outlet concept is designed to be mounted next to your existing outlets, but instead of taking electricity out of them, you put electricity into them. The outlets will come with a variety of different adapter kits that let you convert waste energy emitted by things around your house into electricity generators, things like door hinges. Or a Wii Fit. Or a hamster wheel. Or bed springs: “hey babe, want to go generate some electricity?”

Realistically, that’s why this is only a concept, though… If it was that cheap and easy to turn everyday objects into electricity generators, wouldn’t we be doing it already? The sad fact is that for the near future, it’s almost always going to be less efficient to produce things like this than it’s going to be to use them. It’s still a cool idea, though.

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2 responses to “Inlet Outlet Feeds Electricity Back To Your House”

  1. Conall says:

    Let me get this hooked up to my treadmill or exercise bike!

  2. Desk Outlets says:

    It's my first time to see a kind of outlet like this, really cool. The shape of oblong is very unique for me. I just wander on what is the maximum volts it can carry, is it 110 or 220V hmm anyway, if others don't yet afford that kind of outlet, they can still use those standard outlets which can be used at home and especially on offices like those desk outlets perfect for conference table.