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Weird USB: CowCows And Cat Tails

Weird USB: CowCows And Cat Tails


By Evan Ackerman

USB weirdness often seems to show up in groups, and today’s examples are no exception. What I like to do is try and picture how it would look if you were to combine weird USB things into one ÜberSB monstrosity, and this combo is particularly bizarre:


It’s a USB cow with fluffy tentacles and 8 gigs of storage! Totally worth the hour it took me to photoshop. Totally.

The CowCow USB Hub comes in four colors, two of which are not found in nature, and when you plug it into a USB port, it will sound “3 cow calls.” Moo, moo, moo. $12.

The Cat Tail USB Memory Stick Tail has a capacity of 2 gigs, and is made to order in Japan for about $55. Don’t worry, though, the Cat Tail isn’t made from an actual cat.

I mean, of course not.


Instead, it’s made from mink.

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