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This Week On BotJunkie

This Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

165r This week on BotJunkie began with an iRobot Create hacked to fetch beer soda from a fridge, after which we watched a robot submarine competition in Singapore, then we turned things up a notch with some NSFW video translations of R2-D2, started following a year long project to draw 165 bots with stuff, asked a robot to make a sandwich (nicely), witnessed the first attempted flight of a robot helicopter with hexapod legs, saw the new black NXT block in action on a rapid-firing robot LEGO tank, were a little bit wary of a Japanese rescue robot that eats people, admired a badass picture of Orbswarm stuffed with fireworks, waited patiently for a Kuka industrial robot to serve ice cream, picked out a bunch of pictures to get robotized, watched iCub creepily play the drums, let some robot wallpaper remind us that robots are always everywhere, lusted after an autonomous flying WiFi router, watched an android named Justin dance like in Pulp Fiction, admired a bunch of big pictures of robots from the Boston Globe, watched a weird tin robot sitcom, got pissed at another alarmist article about killer robots, were impressed with a tool-using hexapod from JPL in 2005, and finished off the week with a bot with stuff.

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