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Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles Make For A Psychedelic Shower

Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles Make For A Psychedelic Shower


By Luke Anderson

My shower is one of those places in my house that I don’t generally care to upgrade or make look any nicer than it already is. It’s one of those tub/shower plastic insert things that you tend to see a lot of these days. I keep it clean and it looks decent, so why would I bother to spend a lot of money on someplace that I only see for about 15 minutes a day? I’ve honestly not seen anything to change my opinion of the matter, that is until I came across these Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles.

These awesome glass tiles will change color depending on their current temperature. You just tell the manufacturer what base temperature you want, and every 6-10 degree increment from there activates a different color phase. There are three phases in all, and once you’ve passed the third, it will return to the original color. I wouldn’t recommend installing these in a house with more than one or two people in it. You can bet that the first person in the shower is going to use up all the hot water just messing with the colors on the tiles. Of course you’ll need to rob a bank first, since a single 4” x 4” tile will run you $33, or around $300 per square foot.

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