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Star Trek Fragrances, Yep… Star… Trek… Fragrances…

Genki Star Trek Fragrances (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

It looks like the Star Trek marketing machine is up to full speed again (warp 9?) so besides new toys, games and collectibles, you’ll soon be able to add a set of Trek-themed fragrances to your Captain Kirk shrine. Created by Genki Wear, the trio of scents will be available in department stores come April for about $30-40 a bottle, and will include names like “Tiberius”, “Red Shirt” and “Ponn Farr.”

I really have no idea what to say, except please don’t get any ideas Mr. Lucas. (Though I imagine Yoda would have a pleasing bouquet…)

[ – Trek Spring Collection Preview: First Look At Genki Star Trek Fragrances ] VIA [ Slashdot ]

  • New Era Hats

    Anyone know if there are any Star Trek New Era Caps?

  • Kirk

    I can see the sales line now: “Tiberis. Leaves you smelling like a wet Tribble. Kapla”

  • JMMerk

    No way, Yoda probably smells like moss and toadstools.

  • Tim

    …does it cover up the smell of BO and Cheetos?

  • Tim

    …does it cover up the smell of BO and Cheetos?