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Cool8800C Flip-Phone With Usable Gaming Controls

Cool8800C Flip-Phone With Usable Gaming Controls

Cool8800C Flip-Phone (Images courtesy Solomobi)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s not a name-brand phone by any stretch of the imagination, the Cool8800C handset available from Solomobi has a few features that might make the purchase worth the risk. Not only does it support dual-SIM cards that work at the same time, but it’s also got an analog TV tuner and pretty much every other feature you’d expect to find in a modern cellphone like ebook reader, FM radio, MP3/MP4 support etc.

But the most obvious and unique feature is the flip out screen and keypad which reveal another screen underneath and a set of dedicated gaming controls. Now you’re limited to only playing classic NES titles, but it comes with 3 already built-in and you can load other ROMS via a trans-flash memory card. I’m almost tempted to shell out the $140 to pick one up, except for the fact that it only supports GSM 900/1800 frequencies.

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