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Buy Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Ray Gun

Buy Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Ray Gun


By Luke Anderson

If you pop in a recent Sci-Fi  movie and observe the weaponry, you’ll likely see some very sleek-looking weapons. It seems logical that in the future everything will look far better, right? Well if you go back to the really old Sci-Fi stuff like Buck Rogers, their idea of the future was a bit different. Most notably their guns had almost a steampunk look to them, which in many ways is much cooler than anything we see these days.

If you have a taste for old ray guns and such, you might want to check out these custom creations by Any Hill. He has constructed a variety of weapons that are perfect for interstellar domination from random found and recycled objects. What’s even cooler is that he’s given them all bad-ass names like Buzzkill 5000 and written backstories for each gun. There are still a few of them left for purchase at prices ranging from $300-$350.

[ Electro Art Works ] VIA [ Technabob ]


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