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Microsoft Envisions Personal Computing In 2019

By Evan Ackerman

Whatever you may or may not like about Microsoft, their vision for what their products could be in ten years certainly is impressive:

What struck me most about this video was how possible everything actually is. Yeah, it’s all very render-y, but if you look at the underlying tech, much of it is stuff that we’ve already seen working (and in some cases consumer) examples of: Surface, transparent LCDs, augmented reality, gesture interfaces, e-paper… It’s all already here. Well, not here in front of me here, but don’t forget, tech tends to develop on an exponential, rather than linear, scale. My hope is that we’ll see at least some of these concepts well before 2019. Because by then I’ll be all, like, old.

[ Microsoft Office Labs ] VIA [ VentureBeat ]