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Eye-Fi Cards Now Bigger, Cheaper, Video Compatible

Eye-Fi Cards Now Bigger, Cheaper, Video Compatible


By Evan Ackerman

We’ve been fans of Eye-Fi cards since they were prototypes in 2006. I mean, what’s not to be a fan of? It’s a SD card that automatically uploads all your pics to your computer or the website of your choice over WiFi. Cool!

Now there’s a bunch more to be a fan of, as Eye-Fi has released their next generation of cards. The new cards have 4 gigs of storage, and can upload not only pictures, but also video (even HD video) to YouTube or Flickr. They’re available in two versions: the Explore costs $99 and includes low-res geotagging and hotspot access, while the $79 Share doesn’t include these features. You can preorder the new cards now, and the should be shipping by the end of the month.

Meantime, the original 2 gig versions of the Eye-Fi now start at only $49.

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