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USB Cable Includes Integrated SD Card Reader

USB Cable Includes Integrated SD Card Reader


By Evan Ackerman

From the Brando’s ‘obviously great idea’ department (which they seem to be paying attention to more and more lately) comes this brilliant (albeit slightly flowery) USB cable with an integrated SD/SDHC card reader. It works just like a normal USB cable, except that plugging an SD card into the slot will terminate the USB connection and your computer will start reading the SD card. Whatever you have plugged into the cable will continue charging, though.

At the moment, the SD reader only only works one way on the cable, but it would be pretty neat if you somehow had the option to read the card from the device you had plugged in, or vice versa. Even so, it’s a steal at $12, considering you could easily pay that much for a USB cable or a card reader.

[ Brando ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]