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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Working LEGO Projector Keeps Your Minifigs Entertained

By Evan Ackerman

It’s a sad thing, really. All of those poor LEGO minifigs, lying face down in a container somewhere amidst piles of useless yellow bricks and even ::gasp:: DUPLO. Wracked with guilt, LEGO super-genius Ricardo M. Oliv designed this fully armed and operational movie theatre. Yes, it’s only about 3 fps instead of the more customary 24 fps, but minifigs have always been a little slow… Their heads are mostly hollow, after all.

[ Brickshelf ] VIA [ BBG ]

HP Unleashes Z Series Workstations


by Shane McGlaun

In your office, odds are your boss buys the cheapest computers that can be found. That $300 eMachine might work just great for the receptionist whose most taxing application is Solitaire and spends most of her time entering names into a mailing list. However, if you work in a demanding field like medical imaging or at a design firm, that cheap computer is worth less than the box it came in.

For the worker needing a really powerful workstation HP has announced its new Z series line including the Z800, Z600, and Z400 workstations. The new systems use the recently announced Intel Xeon 5500 series processors featuring Intel Turbo Boost technology and integrated memory controllers.

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Dell Lets Desktop Buyers Choose Colors Too


by Shane McGlaun

One of the things that sat Dell apart from its peers in its early days of operation was that you could choose the hardware inside the machine rather than simply taking what HP or other makers thought you would want. Later Dell began allowing users to choose the color of their notebooks allowing for options other than black or silver.

Dell has now announced that it will be allowing users to choose the color on two of its new Inspiron desktop computers. The two machines are the new Inspiron Slim and mini-towers. Both machines can be clad in suitably bright hues including Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple, and Promise Pink.

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IOGEAR Wireless USB To VGA Adapter (Also, My 3,000th Post!)

IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit (Image courtesy IOGEAR)
By Andrew Liszewski

Up until recently my computer has been in close proximity to my TV, but now that they’ve parted ways, I’ve lost the ability to easily connect them up without having a VGA cable running between rooms. But that’s exactly the problem the Wireless USB to VGA adapter from IOGEAR solves. The USB adapter pictured on the right connects to your PC or laptop, while the VGA adapter on the left connects to your external display, getting rid of those unsightly cables in-between.

Now the range is limited to about 30 feet but you can push a half-decent resolution of either 1600×1200 (UXGA) or 1680×1050 (WSXGA+). The IOGEAR site also claims you can stream videos up to 720P in resolution, though the range is then limited to about 15 feet, and you’ll need a system with at least a 2GHz CPU. But even with those limitations it seems like a nice alternative to trying to hide cables under a rug, and you can order one directly from the IOGEAR website for $229.95.

And on a side note, even though I find it hard to believe, this is officially my 3,000th post here on OhGizmo! Thanks to everyone who checks out the site every day, I hope I’ve educated or entertained at least some of you. And thanks to David for hiring me all those years ago, and to my fellow writers here at OG! and to all the gadget bloggers who help make this job as entertaining as it is.

[ IOGEAR Wireless USB to VGA Kit ] VIA [ Jonzee ]

Self Reflecting Lamp Looks Like Luxo With A Conjoined Twin

Self Reflecting Lamp (Image courtesy Oliver Shick)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll be frank, this Self Reflecting Lamp, created by Oliver Shick, is a complete act of futility. It looks like a couple of Luxo lamps that were born as conjoined twins locked in an eternal struggle to free themselves.

But oddly enough, it looks like the lamp actually works, though it obviously doesn’t produce much usable light and it makes me wonder how exactly you’re supposed to change the bulbs. On top of that, I assume the black shades that are joined together must get incredibly hot without a reliable way to dissipate the heat from those bulbs. But I guess it’s a conversation piece right?… Right?…

[ DesignSpotter – Self Reflecting Lamp ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

Scrolling Message LED Alarm Clock

LED Light Marquee Messager Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Computer Gear)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s an alarm clock for those who can’t wake up without some sort of successory-like inspirational message. The LED Light Marquee Messager (I guess that’s a real word now) uses a grid of 56 red LEDs to display the time, plus one of 4 personalized messages (up to 28 characters in length) that can be programmed using a hidden 12 button keypad.

You have the option of only displaying the time, only displaying one of your messages, or displaying both right after each other, and this bad boy is powered by 3 x AAA batteries. You can get it from for $39.99.

[ LED Light Marquee Messager Alarm Clock ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Seibon Carbon Fiber Coffee Table Scoffs At Coasters

Seibon Carbon Fiber Coffee Table (Images courtesy Plunder Guide)
By Andrew Liszewski

Seibon, maker of fine carbon fiber body panels and other accessories for people who spend too much money on their cars also offers an even better use for that miracle product; a carbon fiber coffee table! Not only do you get a lightweight table that’s strong enough to support even the thickest and most pretentious of coffee table books, but you can probably also get away with placing the hottest of beverages on it (like, say… coffee?) without the need for those embarrassing coasters. The table’s a little under 2 feet by 4 feet in size, and while the carbon fiber does give it that cool woven pattern finish, it also means it will cost you about $900.

[ Seibon Carbon Fiber Coffee Table ] VIA [ Plunder Guide ]

Guitar Hero: Metallica Catches March Madness Fever

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s March, which means that there is some sort of madness involving college basketball. There’s a small nagging part of me that says I should care, but when it comes to basketball, I just don’t. It would seem that Activision’s marketing team is “on the ball” when it comes to the latest Guitar Hero: Metallica ad. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few of the old guys in the above clip.

I’m from Indiana (and no, I don’t know why we’re called Hoosiers either) so I immediately recognized the fake band’s frontman as being Bobby Knight. I thought having him throw the drum kit was a nice touch. The other band members are Roy Williams, Rick Pitino and Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski.

[ Guitar Hero: Metallica ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

23-Foot Fire-Breathing Baby Robot Will Enslave Mankind


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m of two minds when I ponder exactly what will bring about the destruction of mankind. The way I see it, it’s going to either be zombies or robots that take us down. It’s just a matter of which one gets there first.  Today it would seem that the robot camp has taken a leap forward in the race to destroy mankind. After all, even zombies would would shake with fear (provided that they can actually fear something) at the sight of a 23-foot tall fire-breathing aluminum baby robot.

Apparently artist Kenji Yanobe thought it would be great fun to add this to an art project which turned an entire neighborhood into an alien robot-themed wonderland for a weekend. Oh great, you’re giving them an entire neighborhood. Sure, that sounds safe.

VIA [ TokyoMango ]