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Rebels Counter With R2-D2 Boombox

Rebels Counter With R2-D2 Boombox


By Luke Anderson

The Rebel forces might not have quite the resources of the Galactic Empire, but they can usually get the job done. The other day we saw an Imperial sound system, the AT-AT Boombox. That left me wondering what exactly the fearless Rebels had to counter such a menacing audio output device. The answer? An R2-D2 sound system.

It appears that our favorite little astromech droid was hiding a few more surprises that we didn’t know about. It looks as though he’s actually a Transformer, or at least he has a cousin that’s a boombox. This piece is a part of the Hype Hustle Rip-Off exhibition by Bill McMullen. I haven’t had a radio that big in a very long time, maybe if it had looked like R2 I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it.

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