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Protect Your Base With A DIY Paintball Turret

Protect Your Base With A DIY Paintball Turret


By Luke Anderson

I’ve been out paintballing a few times, and it’s actually a lot of fun. The trick is to get hit as little as possible. While I enjoyed running around with a few friends on two different teams, I always thought it would be cool to have a set of turrets to defend each other’s bases. Of course building a paintball turret isn’t exactly an easy task, but if you do a good job at it, you’ll have a menacing contraption like the picture above.

Words cannot even describe the level of awesomeness reached by this DIY project. Imagine having a paintball turret that can fire up to 34 balls per second and can be controlled up to half a mile away with a HUD. If you’ve got between $500-$1100 lying around and about 30 hours of free time, you too can build your own menacing turret. I bet for a few extra bucks you could make it talk like the turrets in Portal.

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