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Hyundai Dolphin Phone Is Dolphoney

Hyundai Dolphin Phone Is Dolphoney


By Evan Ackerman

For some weird reason which probably should not be analyzed too deeply, Hyundai has decided to create a cell phone based on a dolphin. For real. See the picture? Yep, it’s a dolphin phone. The side view is the only really interesting bit, otherwise the phone is mostly ho-hum, with a 240×400 touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM tuner, and a Yamaha speaker thrown in. It should cost an unlikely $320 when it’s released in May. Here’s what the actual phone looks like:


Except, you know what? To my dubiously trained eye, this looks a lot more like a whale phone. See for yourself, after the jump.


Yeah? Yeah? No? Alright, how about we just compromise on cetacean phone, then.

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