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Hasbro’s Flying Star Wars Vehicles

Hasbro’s Flying Star Wars Vehicles

Star Wars Flying Vehicles (Images courtesy Kids Tech Review)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve got a soft spot for flying toys, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for these Star Wars flying ships that Hasbro announced at Toy Fair this year. They unfortunately won’t be hitting store shelves until the Fall (for $39.99 each) and at launch they’ll only be available in a Delta Starfighter and Republic Gunship model. They use a dual-rotor design which is supposedly easier to fly, but I’m not exactly sure if they can be steered around a room, or if they just go up and down. Like with most indoor RC craft they charge via the remote control and will give you about 5 minutes of flight time between charges, and they also feature foam bodies and a plastic ring around the rotors reducing the amount of damage they inflict, or sustain, during an inevitable crash.

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