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Old Skool Retro Famicom Controller For The Wii

Old Skool Retro Famicom Controller For The Wii

Wii Old Skool Retro Controller (Image courtesy Codejunkies)By Andrew Liszewski

Last week Play-Asia started carrying the official Club Nintendo Super Famicom controller for the Wii, which is the perfect way to play all those SNES titles currently offered on the Wii’s Virtual Console. But what about those NES VC games? Are we expected to use an SNES controller for them as well? Certainly not. That’s why Datel is now selling this retro Famicom-styled NES controller, also for the Wii.

In terms of features it’s a pretty basic recreation of the NES/Famicom controller, but it does have a ‘turbo’ rapid fire button upgrade to keep your button mashing to a minimum. You can pick one up from the Codejunkies US site for just $19.99, and help ensure the Wii’s place in history as the most over-accessorized gaming console of all time.

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