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Lamp Turns Off When You Break It (Brilliant!)

Lamp Turns Off When You Break It (Brilliant!)


By Evan Ackerman

Is this a clever idea, or what? It’s a lamp that shuts off when you disassemble or break it! Genius! The really nice bit, though, is that it turns back on when you put it back together. Now, the lamp is only two feet tall and the designers aren’t advocating that you try to smash it over your friend’s head while pretend professional wrasslin’… But, it’s a very simple and intuitive way to turn something off, much faster and easier than a switch or heaven forbid one of those stupid knob things that you have to reach up under the lampshade and twist.

It’s just too bad you have to to go all the trouble of putting it back together to get it to turn on again. Oh well. If you’re someone who finds themselves turning lamps off substantially more often than you turn them on, this may be the lamp for you anyway.

[ Reddish Design ] VIA [ DVICE ]