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Kit Kat Vending Machines Get Some Sophistication

Kit Kat Vending Machines Get Some Sophistication


By Evan Ackerman

We saw a pretty sophisticated vending machine at CES this year, but it can’t hold a candle to these new machines selling Kit Kats in London, since they have a real live (for a while, anyway) human inside them. The economy must suck pretty badly for “vending machine gnome” to be an actual job now, but on the upside, you’d get to enjoy such perks as easy access to change and unlimited fresh Kit Kat smell.

For the purchaser, it works just like a standard vending machine. Try to shake it, fail, try to stick your arm up the slot, fail, and as a last resort put your money in, tell the machine what you want, and enjoy your snack. If you’re poor and desperate, though, this is one vending machine you might actually be able to threaten some candy out of.

VIA [ Core77 ]