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Wireless Dental Camera

Wireless Dental Camera

Wireless Dental Camera (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though you faithfully brush your teeth every morning and night, are you really sure your pearly whites and gums are in perfect health? A weekly trip to the dentist would answer those questions, but so would this considerably more affordable wireless dental cam. The toothbrush-shaped device features a 1.3MP camera that transmits the images of your mouth to a 2.4GHz wireless receiver which can be connected to a TV or a PC for closer examination. A set of 6 white LEDs around the lens should provide ample light no matter what time of day you go exploring, but keep in mind the transmission range is limited to about 33 feet. Also, it only comes in a PAL version, so sorry North America, Japan and the rest of the NTSC-only countries.

The Wireless Dental Camera is available from Chinavasion for just over $100.

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7 responses to “Wireless Dental Camera”

  1. jackin says:

    Today i will go to my dentist and inform him about this wireless dental camera, it is really amazing and have fantastic features.

  2. Looks promising and I can find a lot of potential for a machine like this.

  3. This is important reading for those in the UK who can't find a good dentist who won't rip them off. In central europe a good place to start is as they are an accreddited british dental clinic abroad, have great prices and friendly staff, and most treatments can be done in just 2 visits.

  4. thornhilldental says:

    This is a great dental devices that allows the dentist to show the patient what the dentist can see.

  5. sure is a pretty nifty and handy gadget especially its wireless transmission. very useful indeed.


  6. This is good. But it would have been great if the proximity is much greater than just 33 feet.

  7. This is good. But it would have been great if the proximity is much greater than just 33 feet.