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Nintendo DSi Gets Priced And Dated

Nintendo DSi Gets Priced And Dated


By Luke Anderson

Last October Nintendo announced the successor to their popular DS handheld. This smaller model features a pair of 3.25” screens, dual screens and an SD card slot. Unfortunately they decided to leave out the older GBA slot, though it was probably time to give that format a rest. Over in Japan the DSi has been available since November, but we’ve haven’t seen any love here in the US.

Starting April 5th you will be able to pick up the new DSi in either blue or black. The price tag isn’t much more than the DS, coming in at $169.99. I think that I’m going to wait until April to check out the new screens before I decide to replace my DS Lite. Sure, the new features are nice and all, but I’m just not sure if it’s worth the upgrade.

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