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DIY E-Reader Won’t Save You Any Cash

DIY E-Reader Won’t Save You Any Cash


By Luke Anderson

Ever since the original Kindle was released I’ve been thinking more and more about getting myself an e-reader. I actually do quite a bit of reading, but I hate lugging around big books everywhere. The simple solution seems to be in a handy electronic e-ink reader. Sure, the Kindle has some pretty cool features, but wouldn’t it be cooler to just make your own?

This cool e-Ink AM200 Electronic Book Reader Kit has everything you need to construct your own e-reader. The picture above is what you could construct with the kit, which is about 7mm thick and weighs just 150 grams. You can load content via the MMC card slot. The catch? Oh, there’s just that tiny little $3,000 price tag. I think I’ll pass.

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