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Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet Gets An Update

Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet Gets An Update


By Luke Anderson

One of the main reasons that I miss calls is that I’ve left my phone on vibrate, and I don’t feel it go off. If an important call comes in, there’s no really good way to know I’ll get it without turning the ringer back on, or leaving my phone out where I can see it (or hear it vibrate). One solution we’ve seen in the past is the Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet. It was an interesting gadget, if a little plain. Well the idea has been updated, with one very important new feature.

The new Bluetooth Bracelet also vibrates to let you know there is a call, but takes things a step further by displaying caller ID info. Now you’ll know if it’s that important call you’ve been waiting for without pulling the phone out of your pocket. The price is right too, at $26, it’s almost half the price of the original.

[ Chinavision ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]