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Orbitwheels Are Like A Monowheel + Inline Skate Mashup

Orbitwheels Are Like A Monowheel + Inline Skate Mashup

Orbitwheel (Image courtesy Inventist)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Monowheel has never come across as the safest looking mode of transportation to me, but shrink them down so they’re small enough to wear on each foot and you’ve got my attention. That’s what a company called Inventist did with the Orbitwheels, which they were showing off at this year’s Toy Fair. While they look like a monowheel crossed with a pair of inline skates, riding them is apparently more akin to being on a skateboard, though to propel yourself you have to make an ‘s-pattern’ type movement with your feet. Now I’m not sure if Orbitwheels can be considered a safer alternative to skates or a deck, but the long warning scroll at the beginning of this instructional video doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me.

But if a skinned knee or a shattered wrist is a small price to pay for a new adventure, you can order a pair of Orbitwheels from the Inventist website for $119.95.

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