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Glace Luxury Ice Company’s Ice Spheres -$8 A Pop

Glace Luxury Ice Company’s Ice Spheres -$8 A Pop

Glace Luxury Ice Co. (Images courtesy Glace Luxury Ice Co.)
By Andrew Liszewski

When Luke wrote about this ice sphere mold last May there was no pricing info available, but now it seems like it would have been a worthwhile investment no matter how much they were charging for it. That’s because a California-based company is now selling a “premium ice product” called Glice which are basically perfectly spherical 2.5-inch balls of ice. The Glices are supposedly hand-carved in Canada (sure they are) and delivered in “elegant packaging” complete with dry ice, and are designed to compliment even the most expensive of drinks.

And besides their claims that a sphere is “among the most efficient ways to cool your drink” the company does use purified water to ensure there are no contaminates in the ice spheres to alter the taste of premium drinks or liquors. The whole concept has a sort of ‘Pet Rock’ vibe to it, and I guess until the novelty of round ice wears off, they’re probably going to make a small fortune.

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