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This Week On BotJunkie

This Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we decided we might not entrust our infants to a robotic crib, decided that $0.20 a minute was probably too much to pay for an artificial general intelligence program that so far can only operate in call centers, learned why limbed robots have such difficulty walking in sand, saw a robot using human visual tricks to navigate around obstacles, watched an awesome video of a robot with hybrid wheel-legs that runs around like a cockroach, were amused to see Keepon get stripped naked and then squished by some little kids, bought some robot key toppers ’cause they’re only 5 bucks, watched a trio of robots from UCSD that climb themselves to climb stairs and bounce up and down and toss balls, and ended the week with a triple Video Friday that included a cute little SmileBot, ABB industrial robots’ Fanta can challenge, and a new video of Keepon dancing in Korea.

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