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Pencil Calendars Let You Sharpen Your Life Away

Pencil Calendars Let You Sharpen Your Life Away

Pencil Calendar 2009 (Image courtesy Mytton Williams Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Created by Mytton Williams Design, these calendar pencils will have you looking forward to the start of each month. Why you ask? Well the pencils feature the days of the month listed vertically, and to ‘cross-off’ each day you simply sharpen it a little bit. But by the time the 28th to the 31st of each month rolls around, you’ll be writing or sketching with a nub of a pencil until you can switch to the next month. Oh, and the pencils are also color coded to reflect the average temperatures experienced in each month, as long as you live in a part of the world where July and August are hot while December and January are cold.

The 2009 Pencil Calendars are still available from the Mytton Williams Design website for about $17.

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