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Umbrella With Hydrochromatic Inks Changes Color When Wet

Color Shifting Umbrellas (Images courtesy Squid London)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘smart’ material, UK-based Squid London has recently sold out of a limited edition collection of umbrellas featuring hydrochromatic inks that turn color when they get wet. Before the rain starts falling, the umbrellas have a rather bland and desaturated color scheme, but as soon as mother nature lets loose, the umbrella appears to come to life which could help cheer you up if the foul weather has put you in a bad mood.

Color Shifting Umbrellas (Images courtesy Squid London)

According to Wikipedia, hydrochromatic ink was originally developed by a subsidiary of the Pilot Pen Company in Japan, and is probably most easily recognizable as the ‘secret’ behind the Aquadoodle children’s toy.

[ Squid London ] VIA [ Fashioning Technology ]

  • Jacob

    Where can I buy it? Anyone know?

    Thanks in advance