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Recompute Goes Green With A Cardboard Case

Recompute Goes Green With A Cardboard Case


By Luke Anderson

There’s all sorts of talk about “going green” with technology these days. So you’ve upgraded to the most energy-efficient chipset and your power consumption is almost negligent, but how “green” is your computer’s case? Well if having the most eco-friendly computer is your goal, I doubt that anything can top this recycled cardboard case concept.

This design seems pretty interesting, if you don’t mind staring at a cardboard box. The creators were concerned with making a computer that used low-impact manufacturing processes. You don’t get much more low-impact than corrugated cardboard. It is only a basic computer, certainly nothing a gamer would want to use, but it gets the job done, and is actually more heat resistant than a plastic case.

There are certainly flaws to be pointed out here. One is that they didn’t seem to take into account that you need at least some metal in there for interference shielding. I’m sure that this is something that could easily be remedied. My biggest concern is what will happen something gets spilled on or near the case. It doesn’t take much moisture to really damage cardboard. I think I’ll stick with my metal cases. They stand up to the test of time, and I recycle them every few years with new hardware, which is green enough for me.

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